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  2. Damm that Jerome Powell for forcing Trump to get into the world’s stupidest trade war and forcing him to pass a disastrous tax scam for the wealthy!

    Fucking a, the buck always stops absolutely anywhere else with this asshole.

  3. Trump can get a way with a lot, but a recession will sink his chance at reelection. Voters are willing to put up with a lot when the economy is good, but they will be looking for a change in leadership if the economy goes down hill.

  4. Breaking News: Obama worked, I repeat, worked with experts that were not yes men. Obama and experts examined, planned, and executed an effort for economic recovery and ultimately left Trump with a stable situation. Trump got elected and Trump and the GOP implemented a tax reformation that was worse than trickledown. Trump also crapped out in at his ‘art of the deal’ which was 1) Inconsistent 3) Irresponsible 3) Unnecessary aggressive. History tells us what happens with trickledown but add on 1, 2, and 3 listed above. The only answer is to get Trump the fuck out.

  5. I called this Trump Recession back in the beginning of 2017, when ALL of Trump’s Economic Advisors told him that starting a Trade War was a terrible idea that would wreck the strong Economy he had inherited from Obama.

    The Economic Advisors resigned in protest, one after the other. Even the head of the Small Business Association bailed on him.

    “Trade Wars are easy to win!” says Trumpsky. President Putin is pleased.

  6. Donald Trump is an incompetent bankrupt racist ass. That he’s leading — if that’s the right word — our nation confuses me each day. May everyone vote in 2020. It’s our only chance to move onto a better path.

  7. If he genuinely cared about the economy or understood how it works he would have listened to Gary Cohn and never imposed the tariffs. Without the uncertainty introduced by his absurd trade policy and Brexit, the US economy would be going nuts right now with skyrocketing 401ks.


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