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  1. I got held on the sidewalk for close to an hour once for “complementing a woman on her dress, or possibly playing a mouth harp”. I was about two doors down from my house. Nothing I was accused of was a crime.

    All cops are shit.

  2. The media is trying to make this about race but the reason police respond to these calls is because guys staring at women in public while touching themselves/jerking themselves off under/over their clothing is unfortunately far from an uncommon occurrence.






    It sounds like the woman was in the wrong here, but there are legitimate, non-racist reasons why a woman might call the police on a man staring at her and the police might show up and investigate.

  3. So I work in law enforcement, a HUGE part of the problem is that people call the police for absolutely, the dumbest reasons you can think of! The call-takers always put a call in for this no matter how stupid the complaint is, whether it is a police matter or not, and then dispatch it. As an officer you get dispatched on a call and then you have to do something with it. I have been around long enough that if I get a stupid call I contact the complainant and get more info and then close it down. Lot’s of officers, especially if they are fairly new, feel they have to respond and “do something”,even if it means just talking to the people involved and whomever the subject of the complaint is. Then they can say they addressed the complaint and closed it down.

  4. Not racist. The police have to respond to reports of suspicious activty reported by the public. If someone called 911 and said some dude was looking suspiciously at women, they are going to check it out. I would want them to. Who cares about the optics of it. Safety first.

  5. I invite everyone acting like socially aware white knights and also a woman to walk through East New York or South Chicago and see how comfortable you feel with people “just looking at you.”

  6. This story is a perfect example of the far-left mental gymnastics.

    Police received a call from a woman about a man that “looked suspiciously” at her. Police stopped the man to ask couple questions and to figure out what is going on, and then let him go. Absolute non-story.

    What should the police have done differently?

    I was told men sexually harassing women was a major problem in America right? According to that logic, shouldn’t police take these sorts of reports extremely seriously and intervene? The least the police can do there is to stop the man and question the man right? Oh but it’s not fine if the man in question happens to be a black one? Got it. What happens if police decide just to ignore her call? This same exact crowd would accuse the police of not taking reports of sexual harassment seriously.

    It’s great to see the far-left break their own rules when they try to make up their mind which group ranks higher on the victimhood metric in any given situation to decide who was in the right. Also, you can count on this exact group to hate on the police no matter what they do. Btw, at least 6 officers have been injured so far today confronting an armed suspect. Great timing to push anti-police propaganda, and yes, this is blatant anti-police propaganda and another absolutely ridiculous attempt to frame police as racist.


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