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  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 93%. (I’m a bot)
    > Advertisers Flee Tucker Carlson's Fox News Show On August 7, the day after Tucker Carlson called America's white-supremacy problem "a hoax," the Fox News host announced a weeklong trip "To the wilderness" to fish with his son.

    > Pacific Life left in December after Carlson said immigrants make America "Poorer and dirtier." In March, 34 advertisers ditched him after decade-old recordings emerged of Carlson dialing into shock-jock radio and calling women "Extremely primitive" and claiming that Iraq is populated by "Semi-literate primitive monkeys." Key revenue sources, like Outback, Capital One, and AstraZeneca, announced they would no longer advertise with Carlson.

    > Carlson now has close to 60 percent fewer ads per show than before the ad exodus began last year.

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  3. I have been trying to ask samsung for a comment on their continuing support for the show and gotten zero replies back. They stopped ads in the show in 2018 when the last scandal broke, but then returned back.

  4. Forget simply boycotting his current advertisers…these articles now serve as a working list of companies to avoid altogether going forward. Every one of these remaining advertisers who’ve belatedly stood up and said ‘”enough,” supported the programming long past the time when it was obvious what this piece-of-shit-with-a-megaphone stood for. They get no love from me for their “courage.”

    Edit: That said, keep up the pressure.

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