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  2. When you elect a person with a minority of voters, this outcome makes sense. I expect to see more and more of this for future presidential approval ratings as the sparsely populated areas continue to be radicalized and vote for more extreme candidates and platforms.

  3. Edit: Let me rephrase since lots of people aren’t parsing this (or just see downvotes and are jumping on without reading the post):

    This is a grammatically incorrect headline. It seems to say that Trump both has a 60% disapproval rating and has never had more than a 50% disapproval rating all at the same time, which is, of course, impossible. What they meant to say was probably

    “6 in 10 Americans disapprove of how Trump’s handling his job, AP-NORC poll says | Trump is the only president whose ***APPROVAL*** rating has never been above 50%”

    But they left that very important word out of the headline.

    You can read my original post below if you so desire.


    ~~What a terrible headline. 6 in 10 is 60%… so how has trump’s never been above 50%… ooooh they’re saying his approval rating has never been above 50%… that seems like an important word to omit in the headline!~~


    Edit: Are the downvoters because I worded my post to sound like I actually misunderstood as a result of the awful headline? They are comparing a 60% disapproval rating to a less than 50% approval rating without ever renaming the rating they’re comparing – that makes it seem as if they are simultaneously claiming trump is disapproved by 60% and has never been disapproved by more than 50%. It’s just terrible grammar, plain and simple.

  4. Maybe we’ll finally see some movement on his approval rating soon. It’s actually really startling and scary how his approval rating has essentially flatlined for two years. If you look historically, all presidents go through ups and downs even during one year, but Trump is apparently immune to any change in support. That tells me he’s a cult of personality figure and that our country is in a bad place.

  5. I literally cannot believe what is going on not just in politics right now, but even among the people in the country itself. It doesn’t make sense how people don’t get that we are all supposed to be on the same team. It’s self-defeating idiocy, and we’ll all lose.

    *United We Stand, Divided We Fall*… If we all don’t understand this core and original principle of the founding fathers of the country, I guess we’re going to get what we’ve got coming.

  6. Can people not forget that Trump got into office with 62 million votes out of 250 million eligible voters? That’s 25%. The fact that he still has 4 out of 10 ppl still approving his Presidency is mind boggling.

  7. No matter what this shit-stain does or says his approval rating is *always* the fucking same. It is so fucking frustrating realizing that there is a 40% portion of the United States that “approves” of you no matter what as long as you say “I love Jesus”, “Abortion is bad”, and “I hate the coloreds!”.


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