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  1. Just a reminder, Rep. Jim Jordan blames the [Deep State]( for his involvement in this scandal.

    >“There’s no way unless he’s got dementia or something that he’s got no recollection of what was going on at Ohio State,” former M.M.A. star Mark Coleman, who trained under Jordan, told The Wall Street Journal.

    >“I remember coming up and telling Jordan, ‘Strauss held my balls longer than normal,’” the wrestler told CNN. Jordan, the wrestler said, “just snickered.” The congressman is “denying this because obviously, it would be political suicide for him,” the former athlete added. But **“Jim Jordan knew. He didn’t do anything about it.”**

    This part is always great too, the guy who changed his story to try and defend Jordan.

    >Jordan’s hard line put Hellickson in a bind. **Hellickson had already been recorded on video saying that Strauss was too “hands on” with student wrestlers, that Strauss had disturbed the students by showering with them for an hour at a time, and that Hellickson had told school administrators about the problem.** Hellickson had also been seen dragging older men out of the shower building for ogling students. But Hellickson felt loyal to Jordan. And now Jordan, who feared that the OSU scandal might derail his candidacy for speaker of the House, needed Hellickson to protect him.

    >Yetts says that on July 4, Hellickson phoned him about Jordan’s predicament. In the conversation, as recounted by Yetts and described by NBC News, Hellickson “said he was under pressure from Jordan … and from Jordan’s supporters to make ‘a bold statement to defend Jimmy.’ ” According to Yetts, Hellickson drew a distinction between defending Jordan and telling the truth. Hellickson’s words, as reported by Yetts, were: **“I will defend Jimmy until I have to put my hand on a Bible and be asked to tell the truth. Then Jimmy will be on his own.”** Yetts says he responded by telling Hellickson, “I’m going to contradict you, coach, because I’m telling the truth.”

    The Doctor may have committed suicide, but the people who knew and did nothing are still in positions of power.


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