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  2. Dammit everyone I know has been doing it all wrong. Those damn gummy bears just aren’t going to work.

    On a side note I just went to SF a couple of weeks ago. The poop is actually a real problem. There’s actually an app called snapcrap that you can use to report street poop. Just crazy. Insane amount of homeless people.

  3. It’s easy to laugh but this actually illustrates how right-wing media works. They know perfectly well that no one is injecting marijuana but the phrase “shot up” is pejorative and frightening so they use it knowing that their audience will let it cruise by for the sake of being outraged and turning their brains critical thinking off.

  4. in all fairness, it appears to be a simple misstatement… but one he was predisposed to make.

    for example, he spoke of people defecating on the street as though they’re criminals, but it’s because they’re homeless and/or mentally ill.

  5. My Fox-loving in-laws once told me to be careful about the pot that was laced with ecstasy. Also to be careful about people giving out pot cookies to the kids.

    I’m several years into a legal state and I’ve lost probably 10lbs a year just vaping more and drinking less.

    MIL recently asked me if my weight loss was “because of the drugs?”

    She’s thinking we’re breaking bad out here, lol.

  6. We do have plenty of people on the street and this is a problem for sure. Homelessness is everywhere. Our problem is not with weed but how expensive is to afford housing here, also how hard is to find a job.


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