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  2. Vote to make this happen! Don’t just assume, vote!


    If 2016 was any indication of the Far-Right reaction to a potential woman president, then expect to hear a collective boom of midwest and southern heads exploding.

  3. If you like her, please donate and volunteer. I don’t think I can link here, it’s against sub rules. But if you go to elizabethwarren you can sign up to attend events, go canvassing, phone bank, attend trainings, join her online forums, etc. I’m hoping to help spread the word here in CA to give her a big boost on Super Tuesday.

    No matter who you support, be sure to do all you can to push your candidate forward. It’s the only way things will change.

  4. And I would welcome her with open arms! Trump is a dumb terrible shit. A Liz Warren Presidency would be the opposite — filled with courage, optimism, and compassion; with actual ideas that get actual shit done.

  5. I don’t know if it means anything, but it certainly seems like cable news pundits (outside of Fox News of course) seem to think she is pretty likely to win the nomination. Like they still leave room for a Biden possibility, but don’t have a lot of faith in his message of “Vote for me because I can win”.

    My plan is to vote for either Warren or Sanders in the primary, whoever is polling higher. I hope other progressives rally behind 1 person too so we can beat Biden.

  6. As long as she can beat Trump. She’s doing better in polls lately but I still worry about the general election some and if she can appeal to enough demographics and groups of voters. It’s tough to have confidence in an intellectual like her in a time when America doesn’t seem to like intellectuals who “talk down to them.”


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