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  2. Gross. That means now the White House probably has them. Note to members of Congress: If you see little black specks falling off the president’s suit during a meeting, put a white bedsheet under his chair and spray the area with methanol.

  3. How are conservative’s okay with the President promoting his business as a public official. This is an advertisement for Trump property, defending his private business interest using public position.

    This is not okay.

  4. The legal settlement is fake news. The reports about it are all fake and we’re created by the Liberal media to discredit our Lord Savior, Trump. I’m willing to believe the most ludicrous and far-fetched accusations against anyone who disagrees with our dear President, but even if Trump himself were to be on tape, admitting to a crime, I’ll believe him when he says the tape is a lie. Facts and reality mean nothing to me. I only believe whatever Trump tells me.



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