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  1. I find myself continually stunned by the stupidity of our current government. I know I should have gotten use to it by now but they continue (WH, republican congress/senators, and Trump) to surprise me when they display their callousness, mendicancy of thought, cynical and disparaging views they have about the rest of us, their cruelty, and petite brains. And here they are, and here they remain as no one of our representatives has the will to impeach every one of these MFers.

  2. When has anyone demonstrated that stopping interference in our elections was a priority? Obama didn’t when he had the ability (how dare a Democrat think of appearing *uncivil*), and Trump definitely hasn’t either.

    Absolutely laughable statement, I think we’re all aware our votes are a damn game to them.

  3. This is the second reference to the FEC being shutdown that I’ve seen in two days and both times the comment section assumes this is the Whitehouse or GOP (because it typically is), but in this case they’ve submitted a nominee to ensure a quorum so they can continue to operate but the Democrats have not yet made a nomination. The Senate won’t act until there is a nominee from both parties. If you are upset by it, contact your Democrat lawmakers and urge them to hurry up. Sure, the Senate won’t vote their nominee in, but this is a self inflicted wound. A pessimist such as myself might wonder if this is politically posturing to stir up this exact kind of finger pointing at the expense of election security.


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