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  1. I had lost my mind.

    Why, I was sitting in the basement when I first realized it was gone.

    Got in my car rushed right over to the lost and found.

    I said “pardon me but I seem to have lost my mind.”

    She said “Well can you identify it please?”

    I said “Why sure its a cute little bugger

    About yea big, a little warped from the rain”

    She said “Well then sir this must be your brain”

    I said “Thank you ma’am I’m always losin’ that dang thing.”

  2. I’m so incredibly upset. I had the opportunity to sing with Daniel Johnston when I was 13 (maybe 14?), on the TV show “Austin City Limits”. We were back-up vocals for the band The Swell Season, and Daniel was a special guest. We sang “Life in Vain”.

    Here’s a clip from the episode. Rest In Peace, Daniel Johnston.


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