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  2. A lot of rent free comments missing the point entirely. Y’all need to understand what propaganda is. It’s just a little bit more nefarious than “lol Hillary rent free”

  3. Hillary is the modern American right-wing version of “the Jews”. She has become the target of every grievance and resentment, the boogeyman that they scare their followers with.

  4. Well, duh, I mean why wouldn’t he. It’s not as if he can discuss the amazing job Donald Trump is doing as President. It’s not as if there’s anything to report on whenever a Republican is in office, especially since now they’ve worked out that they can’t have Marilyn Manson and Richard Dawkins on TV every other night since the George W. Bush era hysteria is dead and buried.

    There’s nothing for him to talk about, and he has to be outraged at someone or something, so when in doubt, make shit up.

  5. Hannity is playing to the foxnews grandpas. He’s a one trick pony.

    its pathetic that Republicans accuse Hillary of doing everything that Trump actually does. It’s like their whole party is full of grifters and marks.


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