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  1. Seems like that’s going to create a vacuum for use video game stuff. I know people like to hate on gamestop because of the trade-in values, but I love being able to go in and get nearly obsolete systems and games for my collection.

  2. They have too many anyway tbh. There are 4 I know of within about 10 minutes of me. They should also update some of their store policies while they are at it. Their return policy for instance is pure garbage compared to places like Bestbuy, Target, Walmart etc.

  3. You know your board of directors is shitty and without vision when esports is popping the way it is and yet they STILL can’t figure out how to stay relevant & profitable. This should be a layup.

  4. You dumb fucks closed Think Geek to role it into your shitty website. This company is run by morons. They close the brand that people like and make sure they know it’s products are owned by the brand people hate.

  5. Physical media has been dying with broadband, Steam and Direct to consumer gaming providers (e.g. – EA, EPIC).

    Data center hosted gaming (Stadia and xCloud) will make physical media even less significant.

  6. What really annoys me is the upsell aspect of it all. I’m pretty introverted and I’ll go to gamestop because sometimes the prices are good for older games. And seriously, I just wanna grab a game, pay and leave, but can’t without the sales pitch, game stop rewards, give us an email. Some of the people usually drop it, but I’ve had some annoyingly pushy people before and it’s what REALLY makes me not wanna go there for games.

  7. It’s just another sign of the greed. Gamestop could be still making loads of money but their fuck the customer as hard as possible business model isnt sustainable. Also digital downloads…. but I stand by my original point.

  8. At one point there was a gamestop in the mall, across the street from the mall, two streets down from the mall, and just across the highway from the mall.

    Now all but the mall store are closed. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  9. I really disliked that they would gut New games because the claim of not having enough store space. So chances are you’re get a sticky case as a “new” game. Now they flood their stores with geek merchandise. Funny how you have space for that. We need competition but its time put the final touches on the coffin for GS.


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