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  1. Depression makes everything in life difficult. From getting out of bed to going out of the house. It’s impossible for those who don’t have it to fully understand. I’ve tried to end it all 3 times in the past.

    Someone gave me an idea about having a “Good Things” journal . Write ever good thing that happens. Small or big. Last thing I wrote down was on how I dropped my phone and it didn’t break. Good thing.

    Whenever the thoughts come back hard I read it. It helps it really does.

  2. Working to help people with mental health problems can take a real toll on one’s health.

    An example is that call operators on suicide hotlines have to take mandatory breaks.

    This pastor was clearly a good person and it is sad he wasn’t able to recieve the sort of support he gave others.

  3. I read “megachurch pastor” as the first two words, and was instantly prepped for something that was the opposite of wholesome. Maybe something about money or being caught not walking their own talk.

    I got what I expected, but at all not in the way I expected it.

    I guess it’s another example of the importance of remembering that those who provide people with spiritual guidance are just as fallible and just as subject to the problems of the rest of humanity as everyone else.


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