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  1. I don’t think that young people want or expect charity from the rich. Experience has already taught them that as a class, the elite have no empathy or sympathy for those beneath them.

    When the Bastille is stormed, it will not be by people asking humbly for a little more bread. They’ll come with _demands_ – or guillotines.

  2. Let’s just take an example from around my neighborhood in Portland Oregon. $15 an hour will net you ~$24,000 a year after taxes. Rent on a two bedroom apartment in the industrial district where you can get $15 an hour jobs easily costs $1500 per month. Leaving $500 to split between utilities, car payment, health insurance, car insurance, groceries, and entertainment. SPOILER ALERT: you can’t afford that.

    Why would I pick a two bedroom apartment for an example? Because in 2004 that same apartment was $750 a month leaving a comfortable amount of leftover money to live on and wages haven’t changed that much since then.

    So what’s the result? Tens of thousands of people just live in tents on the side of the freeway and collect cans and bottles, panhandle, or steal to get by. Because the alternative is working your ass off just to put a slightly more firm roof over your head, why fuckin’ bother.

    At the end of this road is a French revolution, not utopia.


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