Hi all! I’m new here but thought this or r/cooking might be the place to go in my situation. I’m a butcher with a local grocery store and can cook a mean steak, but I don’t often have fish and I’ll admit the veggies in my diet aren’t particularly impressive in most cases. However I’m starting to get burnt out on beef (and most other meat) and would like to make my diet a little more environmentally friendly. Does anyone here have any good pescatarian or vegetarian/vegan recipes they would like to share? Anything (breakfast/lunch/dinner and dessert) is welcome

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  1. Daal and rice

    Veggie curry

    A nice bean chilli

    Chickpea salad (sub for tuna) or tuna salad

    Pesto butter salmon

    Mushroom Stroganoff

    Marinated baked tofu

    Lentil or roasted chicpea tacos or burritos


    Potato soup

    Corn chowder

    Baked ziti


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