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  2. Lol! He has over 90% approval among Conservatives, and that’s *with* them gaming the polls to hurt him! Democrats, and a literal handful of RINO’s are the only ones who actually think primarying him is an option.

  3. >A president always defines his or her party, and today the Republican Party has taken a wrong turn, led by a serial self-promoter who has abandoned the bedrock principles of the GOP. In the Trump era, personal responsibility, fiscal sanity and rule of law have been overtaken by a preference for alienating our allies while embracing terrorists and dictators, attacking the free press and pitting everyday Americans against one another

    At least there are three republicans that see a problem with trump.

  4. considering how fast and far he’s slipping…i can’t imagine him being able to face Elizabeth Warren in a debate a year from now.

    i really don’t think that he’ll be the nominee, when the time comes.

    they must have some type of plan b- and it sure isn’t going to be mike pence. they might try to drop a big-name moderate in at the last minute…the “who” being dependent on who the Democratic candidate ends up being.

  5. Authoritarian tactics are just critical mistakes? Oh, and the bedrock principals you listed were abandoned by the GOP decades ago. Anyone still wedded to the Republican party is too mired in Trump’s shit pit to extract themselves now, but good try.

  6. hahaha… when you vote and steer your party towards authoritarianism and vote for a narcissistic moron who has dictatorial tendencies, WTF do you expect?

    I hope we see you guys campaigning with the Democratic nominee next year… otherwise, it seems like you’re a bunch of fucking liars.

  7. It’s not a mistake. At all. These challengers have literally a zero percent chance of removing Trump from the top of the ticket. Yet, they’ll attack Trump the entire time, thereby lowering Republican turnout in the election. So, it makes perfect sense to cancel the primaries. As always, the GOP is doing everything they possibly can to win.

  8. Isnt Mark Sanford (center) the guy that turned down $700 million of federal aid for his state because he said the residents didn’t need it? The millionaire that dissapeared with the woman he was cheating on his wife with but then said he prayed about it and everything is okay? Him and Trump are the same person.

  9. These guys think they are center-right?

    Why is everybody so blind in this country? This is not a democratic government. It’s a fascist takeover by a criminal conspiracy of kleptocrats. They have no intention of ever stepping down and these guys think they can appeal to reason? How naive!

  10. Trump has taken your party hostage. For fucks sake people. Grow a pair of functional testicles.

    They are using you and humiliating you.

    Start a new party. Tbone this guy.

    I mean look what he did to John Bolton. They’re now calling Bolton a leftist. Are you fucking kidding me.

    Take you god damn party back. Said Lincoln and Eisenhower.


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