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    > Wing Han Tsang (曾詠韓), popularly known simply as “Wing”, is a New Zealand citizen originally from Hong Kong. Wing retired from the music business in June 2015, having released 21 albums in her ten-year career.

    > Having taken up singing as a hobby after arriving in her new homeland, Wing gained an audience by entertaining patients at nursing homes and hospitals in and around Auckland, and this prompted suggestions that she release a CD; the result was a debut entitled Phantom of the Opera, featuring the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, and a selection of other popular tunes. Most agree that Wing’s music lacks accuracy in pitch, and the style of her vocals rarely seems appropriate for the songs she covers. This has not stopped fans though, some of whom listen for the novelty, whereas others genuinely appreciate Wing’s music.

    > Despite — or more accurately, because of — Wing’s pronounced lack of vocal talent and marginal command of English diction, the recording proved a success, leading to a number of subsequent releases that eventually gained her an international audience. In recent years she has become a minor celebrity, appearing on such shows as Rove Live and being featured on episode 903 of South Park, which she actually recorded her vocals for.

    > Wing continues in the tradition of William Hung, Florence Foster Jenkins and Mrs Miller, and despite receiving some rather acerbic reviews, continues to perform and record. Read more on

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