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  1. Hey PETA. Maybe you should go after the country and culture that chains up bears and removes their claws and teeth. Certainly before you go after a guy that was raised in this tradition. If I got paid to punch people in the face and was then caught on video holding a fish out of the water are you going to crucify me too?

  2. I believe that if I can keep a dog, I can keep a cat , I can keep a human. Or a bear.

    I also believe if I have no problem eating a cow. It’s fine to eat a dog. Or maybe horse.

    All of these arguments are pointless and have nothing to do with the issue. The issue is that ABC no longer does TGIF.

    Not that this Russian man plays with his version of a dog. That bear has been raised and loved like a dog. If it were to be taken away from kabib Imagine the emotional damage to the animal being separated from its pair.

    So fuck ABC. For loosing shows like boy meets world , Anne Mr Cooper.


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