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  2. >Trump interacted with at least five foreign leaders in the five weeks before the whistleblower filed their complaint: Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, **Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte**, and Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the emir of Qatar.

    Come on

  3. >In addition to flagging the complaint with the Justice Department — which is unusual in and of itself for matters like these — Maguire also refused to comment on whether the White House was involved in the decision to withhold the complaint from the House Intelligence Committee, and whether it related to any matters being investigated by the panel.
    >Schiff [said]( on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that Maguire said he was not turning over the complaint, even though federal law mandates it, “because he is being instructed not to” and “answering to a higher authority” on the matter.
    >”This involved a higher authority, someone above the DNI,” Schiff said, alluding to Trump. “Well, there are only a few people above the DNI.”

    Neither Trump nor the attack intelligence chief have the actual power to hold this complaint back. This is an illegal act, another obstruction of justice by Trump and one of the crooked members of Trump’s corrupt regime.

  4. >While everyone was watching the Democratic primary debate on Wednesday night, the White House decided it was a good moment to acknowledge a phone call today between President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin:
    All conversations between these two leaders get a bit of extra scrutiny for obvious reasons, but a few things stand out about this one. For one thing, the Trump administration stayed silent for several hours after the Russian government and media publicized the call earlier today. The Russian statement heralded the call as “a sign that fully-fledged bilateral relations could be restored in the future.”
    While the ongoing wildfires in Siberia are indeed devastating and frightening, they haven’t gotten a huge amount of media attention in the U.S., and it seems like an unusual thing to capture Trump’s interest. (The offer of assistance is quite a contrast to his public response to deadly wildfires in California last year, which was to blame the state of California for them.)
    As for “trade between the two countries,” it’s not all that significant. The recent harsh crackdown on protests in Moscow and imprisonment of opposition leaders apparently didn’t come up.Nothing to see here!

    There was some conversation about a strange phone call Trump had with Putin on July 31 so I decided to look it up. Now obviously this could mean nothing but it’s interesting nonetheless. Trump barely lifted a finger for the Cali wildfires and we all saw how much he cared for the Amazon but Siberia is on fire and he’s all in? I wonder what the real conversation was…

  5. My first thoughts are Putin, MBS, or Bibi getting promised some incredibly treasonous shit for private investments in Trump, Inc.

    It’ll probably turn out to be some ridiculous promise of one-sided “cooperation” made to Lil Kim. As corrupt as Trump is, his lack of intelligence is far more likely to be the cause of major mistakes.

  6. Fascism full throttle when his supporters don’t stop for a second and think for themselves

    Edit: or lack the ability… Thank you very much republican Koch war on education. You did exactly what you wanted to do. Make people fucking stupid

  7. I was thinking just now, why doesn’t the whistlerblower just go to the House Intelligence Committee directly?

    On another note, this raises an interesting point about the Edward Snowden case. Snowden wishes to return and request a fair trial.

    When Snowden committed his act(s), he was criticized for not adhering to the appropriate whistleblower reporting procedures.

    If I were Snowden, or his defense lawyer, I would point to this case which demonstrates a whistleblower going through the appropriate channels, and the way the Executive Offices and the Justice Department are covering it up, and labeling communication promise with foreign leader is not an “urgent matter”.

    At a minimum, the House Intelligence Committee should be the judge of that.


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