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  2. I feel like there’s a missing piece of the story here. There’s something insanely bizarre here and I’m guessing it’s something the public does not know. I wonder if Kavenough made some kind of off the record admission.

  3. Let me translate…

    > I’m going to create some lies to make me look better, you’re going to print them, and I can’t be proven to be a liar because I didn’t attach my name to them.

    In short, if he was planning to tell the truth, he would have gone on record. Just like his Congressional testimony, he was never planning to tell the truth.

  4. I am calling bullshit on this, if he had they would have recorded the conversation asking for it. Coming out now months later when its to late just sounds like they are doing it for the publicity

  5. What the hell would even be the point of this? The only thing I can think is that he would have plausible deniability in case he accidentally admitted to something. Something about this is incredibly shady, aside from the blatant lying.


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