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  2. Donald Trump… and ~50 million Americans who want to convert our nation into a fascist dictatorship because they’ve deluded themselves into believing they’ll be the beneficiaries and minorities will be the victims of *Glorious GodEmperorDaddyLeader.*

  3. Democracy, in theory, should be a way for our republic to find and elect the *best* person suited for the job.

    Not only did it fail to find the best, we ended up with someone so poorly suited for the office that it is difficult to even *imagine* who could possibly be worse.

    I say this without hyperbole: we would have to *scour* through 330 million Americans to find someone worse.

  4. The economy is great, unemployment is low, the stock market has done excellent.

    Seems like it’s “Donald Trump AND the United States of America.” If it was “versus”, then he wouldn’t be doing anything good and the country would suck to live in.

    The country *only* sucks for people who are unemployed/underemployed, and statistically that’s more likely to be caused by themselves than external factors.

  5. Is anyone still undecided at this point? You live in reality where Donald Trump is one of the worst humans alive and is completely unfit for office by every possible measure.

    Or, you live in anti-reality: Everything that Trump says is truth and everyone is just calling him a liar because they hate him.

    So, who is this op-ed for? Anybody reading the NYT already knows he’s a fraud. Anybody watching Fox News is beyond reasoning.


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