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  1. Is it possible to put people who do the knockout game behind bars for attempted murder? Surely it could be effectively argued

    Edit: I mean anyone who does it, not just in this case. Here, obviously these kids should be tried for murder

  2. Not too much different than walking up and stabbing or shooting a stranger is it? You’re sucker punching as hard as you possibly can what is usually an unsuspecting senior male.
    They should be tried on murder charges.

  3. A little background on this incident. There is video of the actual assault that is over on r/frederickmd. My wife and I were there with my one year old and our seven year old niece when this happened but did not witness this incident. We did however witness a couple of other unprovoked assaults in the rides area later that night. Friday night is “kids night” where anyone 17 or under get in free. County schools are also given the day off to attend. There was a ton if security, but there were also a lot of unsupervised teens causing problems.


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