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  2. > In fact, as a detailed review of the evidence conducted by The Intercept in May showed, Biden’s intervention in Ukrainian affairs that year, when he successfully pressed Ukraine’s then-president to dismiss a chief prosecutor who had failed to pursue corruption investigations, was no secret and was widely praised by Ukrainian anti-corruption activists and international donors to the country.

    > The reason there is footage of Biden boasting about this intervention on stage at a public event in 2018 is that he knew **he had nothing to hide.**

    > Put simply, there is no evidence to support the conspiracy theory that Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani want Ukraine to validate by opening an investigation. Still, it has become an article of faith among Trump supporters that Biden got the chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, dismissed to derail a corruption investigation of a Ukrainian firm his son was paid to advise.

  3. >Since the news broke that Trump repeatedly pressed his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, to open an investigation into Biden, while delaying $250 million in military aid to Ukraine, the president has urged reporters again and again to look instead at the viral conspiracy theory that the former vice president had admitted on camera that he blackmailed Ukraine’s former president.

    The networks carry water for Trump/GOP as a matter of course. It’s a double whammy when bogus intrigue/conspiracies disguised as genuine news reports grab more eyeballs and generate more revenue than reporting the truth. Because that’s what the media will promote. Money is paramount with the media. It exists to generate enormous fortunes for its stakeholders. The public’s best interests are not part of their business model.

  4. Fuck Ken Vogel in particular for pushing this debunked notion that there’s any merit to the accusations against Biden and his son, when it’s been proven there’s not.

    It’s Hillary’s emails all over again.

  5. So I’ve been wondering why someone would ask another country to investigate an American citizen. All I can come up with is that the asker knew it was illegal in the US or that if US investigator’s were asked in the same fashion that that may be illegal or involve illegal methods.

    Can anyone name any other American citizens who were investigated by another country because we asked them to?

  6. Maybe the press *should* stop reporting Trump’s lies. Example: “when asked to comment the president replied with a demonstrable falsehood.”

    So the American public gets to hear about his constant gaslighting without helping him by spreading his misinformation.

  7. This. That’s what may his lying performance in front of the press gaggle this morning so infuriating. Those reporters could be a bit more clever in their questions No kept asking why anyone should be able to buy an assault weapon without a background check, which allowed the POtuS to deflect to the Democrats not doing anything because they are focused on him. Ask him when are he and Senate Republican going to pass the House passed background check bill, fer gawds sake.

  8. On CNN this morning, one of the panelists finished explaining how the Trump administration deflects there own unlawful actions by conflating them with actions of opponents. They compare apples to oranges, and they benefit from the press coverage it engenders.

    And what did the host do *immediately* after she finished? He went into the Biden/Ukraine story being pushed by Trump complete with Biden photos.


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