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  1. “Frankenstein’s Monster” in the article is a reference to the breeding practices that became widely adopted after the creation of the labradoodle. He grew concerned about the way people were breeding the dogs.

  2. >Even though Wally still regrets creating the labradoodle, his science experiment back in the late 80s led to numerous successful labradoodle guide dogs, as well as kickstarting the entire “oodle” trend:

    …the cavoodle, groodle, jackapoo, schnoodle, golden doodle, and the neil cavuto

  3. oh come off it animal husbandry has been around since human’s found animals. Maybe look at the historical breeding practices then you will see some shit. This is angelic compared to what used to happen

  4. It’s not for the allergies. They want a poodle, but with the kindness of a labrador. They are also pricey because you don’t always get more doodle than the lab.

    I’ve seen two of them in my town, both look like the labradoodle, but one is friendly like a lab and is also very smart which is what people are looking for in this dog. Normally a poodle is very smart, but is also high maintenance and doesn’t like sudden loud noises since poodle tends to be nervous, high-strung or even neurotic.

  5. Me: man, I want a poodle now. I’ve always liked poodles, I grew up with poodles and I have fond memories of poodles. We had toys but I’ve always been tickled by the idea of a standard. Big ol excitable poodle running around and whatnot.

    Google: you should budget $2400-5500 and possibly more

    Me: I don’t need a pet, I choose to be alone forever. At best I’m going to the shelter and picking up a free dog as Bill Burr said.


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