Let’s talk about Elon Musk’s plan to offer humans a chance to achieve symbiosis with an AI (his words, not mine, watch Rogan interview or other interviews he has done about Neuralink). If I understand correctly humans will be able to have a direct interface with an AI which will presumably dwarf us in IQ. He has mentioned that we will be “like leaves on a tree”. Elon does not seem too enthused about the idea, rather he describes it as perhaps the best of our available options.

Basically if the AI can read and send thoughts it can also allow you to experience or share thoughts with others who are hooked up. I am not the first to compare this with humanity (or at least those who chose to link up) turning into the borg. Even if it is a watered down version of the borg it will still radically change the nature of what it is to be human and what it is to think. What does everyone think of this? Are you keen to get the flexible threads which are thinner than a human hair, along with powerful processing chips inserted into your brain? Isn’t this really the beginning of a transhuman gestalt entity? Will it be a new worldwide web of thought? Will those who have it retain any interest in communication with those who don’t?

This probably raises more questions than it answers and it has probably been discussed before but what does everyone think?

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  1. You’d have to tie me down and cram it in my fucking skull. There’s almost no scenario I can think of where I’d willing let there be a computer in my head. At least not until everyone else has one and it becomes necessary to even stand a chance at competing with the rest of society.

  2. I think I’ll wait for the nanite brain dust version, or at least a point at which it’s not a temporary invasive surgery. It’s an interesting technology that won’t be offered or even available to me in initial release, so there’s time to see how it turns out before reaching any conclusions.

  3. I think he’s too pessimistic about his own tech’s implications. He overestimates the unification patterning that can be achieved and he underestimates the consequences of distance factors to a degree that I find surprising given that he’s also a proponent of off-world colonization. We’ll never produce a large-scale permanent gestalt entity unless we can produce low-energy high-stability wormholes due to communication impossibility factors. In the absence of large-scale gestalt entities, a lot of these questions become meaningless.


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