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  2. Apparently, you have to have a declared war or authorization to use force, for it to qualify as treason. But arguably, congress should have done that already by now, in response to Putin, so this is really only a technicality.

  3. Nixon did commit treason when he sabotaged the Viet Nam peace talks. The world just didn’t know it until after he died. With Trump, he is physically and emotionally incapable of keeping a secret, even when it mean he’ll go to prison. In his mind, he has no higher authority.

  4. Nixon sabotaged the Vietnamese peace talks to win an election. Treason.

    Reagan sabotaged the Iran hostage negotiations to win an election, then sold advanced weaponry to Iran, and have the money to terrorists. Treason thrice.

    Trump is fucking horrible, but we can’t excuse the ratfuckery Republicans have been doing for generations.

  5. So did Nixon when he told the north Vietnamese to not negotiate a peace deal until he was in office.

    So did Reagan when he told Iran not to release hostages until he was in office.

    Treason is the unifying factor of corrupt GOP presidents.


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