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  1. I thought the only groups of Christians that were genuinely against it were like dutch reformed and Christian scientists. Or, convinced by some antivaxx propaganda designed to make pro-life antivaxx that all vaccines contained aborted fetal cells.

  2. I live in a town of under 30,000. We had two mumps outbreaks this week.

    The people that are currently undergoing chemotherapy and those who have weakened immune systems for whatever reasons thank you for your fucking idiocy.

  3. This is just letting the medical professionals win! Facebook is going to melt down.

    – This was sarcasm.

    Parents shouldn’t be feeding their kids anti-vax information.

  4. >”We are just really appalled that they would not be protecting our religious freedom and religious right”

    You dingbat. The schools are private religious schools, who decided that compulsory vaccination is part of their religious ideology. Your only religious right here is to not send your kids to these schools.

  5. Not entirely surprising given that the Vatican has been quite vocal about being pro-vax in recent years. While they don’t agree with the origin of certain vaccines since they were originally formulated from aborted fetal cells, the official stance of the Vatican is that parents should continue to vaccinate their kids until better alternatives are found. The National Catholic Bioethics center even made a statement saying that parents “have a moral obligation to protect the life and health of their children and those around them.”

  6. It’s hard to argue to your private catholic school that it’s a religious right to not vaccinate, when the school is only for kids of one religion, that is very adamant about vaccinating kids. “I don’t religiously belive in them” “lol ok you’re in the wrong schools then”

  7. I always assumed that the catholic schools didn’t accept religious exemptions already. The catholic HS in my county is the only school with 99% vaccinated, most public HS are in the low 90s while some of the public elementary schools are at 75% and private, non-religous preschools being even lower.

    I wonder if medical exemptions get too high if schools could request a second opinion. With things like fmla employers can pay for you to see another doctor, so I wonder if something similar could combat people doctor shopping for medical exemptions.

  8. Your rights are NOT being taken away. You have every right to deny your child a vaccine that will prevent him/her from dying a cruel and senseless death. Or not. But you have no right to expose other kids to your dangerous idiocy.

  9. I still love the court case, I think in NY, where parents demanded a religious exemption from a judge. The judge asked on what grounds. They replied they’re catholic. So the judge replied in that case too bad, Catholics believe in vaccines. Case closed.

    Warms my heart.

  10. Thank goodness.

    My husband has a terrible, shitty immune system, and he can still get the flu even with the shot if it’s intense enough that year. Whenever he goes out of the house I get terrified, because one encounter with a kid carrying the measles and I’m pretty sure he’s going to catch it and be bed ridden for weeks..

  11. On BBC radio 4 the other day someone announced consideration of a new policy making vaccinations mandatory. Except for religious or medical reasons.

    “Do you want 1500 new religions sprouting across the UK?” I thought. “Because that’s how you get 1500 new religions.”

  12. Unfortunately, a lot of these families practice naturopathic medicine and are still able to obtain false medical exemptions for vaccinations from their health providers.

  13. We had a mom call our office, where her child is a patient, requesting a letter stating that the child should not receive the MMR for medical reasons.

    She told me that she was always allowed to use the “religious” excuse in the past in the public school system, but now her child would be attending a private religious school that required kids to be vaccinated.

    We told her that we could draw blood and check the kid’s immune status and if she showed immunity to measles, mumps and rubella, we’d provide a letter confirming the kid’s immune status. Otherwise, no way.

  14. they got to be talking about different religion, cos there is no such thing religious exemption on vaccine in Catholicism and Christianity in general.

    billions of christians were vaccinated.

    one of the first things Christian missions do when they go to rural / poor /isolated areas is to provide vaccine.


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