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  1. And the internet is blocked out in there I am from Iraq but I live in Europe and om trying to contact my mother for the past two days and no response / I just want to make sure if she’s okay / I’m so f*#} worried

  2. The only thing we can do is keep talking about this and letting others know of the injustice that’s happening in Iraq. The manslaughter has to stop! I wish that Iraq had internet so we can actually hold people accountable, like the Hong Kong situation.

  3. I’m deployed to Iraq currently. I can’t say much but Iraqi military is patrolling HEAVILY with DSHK and M2 machine guns pointed down a lot of major streets. Best of luck to these people. Talking to some local interpreters, they’re mostly fed up with the lack of jobs. People with PhDs are eating out of the trash while government officials continue to build new mansions.


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