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  1. This is mostly known for being the only song ever really (there are passages of Chopin and liszt) that’s in Locrian (the 7th mode of Major). Additionally, it’s very very melodic and flowing for something in such a difficult mode. Brilliant song

  2. I love this track. Considering when it came out (I was 10) I’m now thinking it might’ve shaped some of my taste later in life, like NIN for example. It feels very Reznor-esque.

  3. This was a huge moment for me. BADII had an early 90s electronic album. Human Behaviour was out. Massive Attack’s first album, and then Bjork released this for my graphic novel fave “Tank Girl” film, and then Portishead released their 1st in late 1994.

    This almost makes me want to cry because it was such a pivotal moment in my life and for music and me becoming a DJ. These memories of this song are so profoundly strong. Then Kruder & Dorfmeister, Aphex Twin, etc. Man, music is the balm that saved me. Thanks for posting.


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