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  1. Being a huge fan of Cream since ’67 this really hit me hard, along with Jack’s passing. Ginger used to say that he was being kept alive and in great pain as punishment for all the crap he did in his life. Hopefully he’s at rest now.

    Anyone who’s ever watched “Beware of Mr. Baker” (free on Youtube, btw), it seems that a lot of his anger stems from losing his Father in the war. I don’t see how anyone could have missed that.

  2. He WAS a great drummer. He also worked hard to earn the respect of jazz musicians and he absolutely held his own with them. You often hear gatekeepers piping up when people talk about “great drummers” and they will always go “well, for rock and roll, maybe…otherwise he couldn’t do blah blah blah”. Well, Ginger absolutely proved he could cross boundaries and he worked his ass off to do so.

    He may not have been the most pleasant human being, but he was a giant in the world of drumming.

  3. The BBC obit made me laugh and cry together. I saw him in the early 80s at some small club in Cambridge (MA not UK). He was backlit and his wild red hair glowed. I thought the folks who said “Clapton is God” in the 60s were really just picking up Ginger from the back of the stage. It started me digging into his full catalog. I’m listening to “Coward of the County” now.

    The last time I saw him was after “Why” came out. He joked that the band had a pool on which city of the tour and which song he was going to die during. I felt bad clapping to get him out for an encore. He left the stage after the first number to “go take a piss.” He needed help getting up to his kit, but once he started to play, it was magic and completely brilliant. Farewell Peter Edward Baker.


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