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  2. Dumb question here: it looks like it was already a two score game with Japan in the lead, so what was the significance of this try? Was there like a point differential tiebreaker they needed or was this just icing the game?

  3. All I want to say is, if Japan top Group A, as a South African I’m terrified at the prospect of playing them in the quarter-finals.

    Edit: Spelling, my fat thumbs keep pressing the wrong letters.

  4. This is really cool.

    Japan is currently top of the table in their pool, having beaten out Ireland (number 2 in the world) last week. This win puts them at 14 points, ahead of Ireland at 11 points and Scotland at 10 points.

    If you’re not a rugby fan, the top two of the pool (out of 5) proceed to the quarter finals.

    At this point, Japan can still lose their quarter finals spot if Scotland beat or score a bonus point in a loss to Russia (it’s likely Scotland will beat them by a significant margin) and then beat Japan next weekend.

    It’s going to be a fun week of rugby for Japan.

    It’s a shame to think the Sunwolves (the Japanese Super Rugby team) were pulled from the competition – they’d be strong contenders if they remain on this form.

  5. I’ll watch sports and roll my eyes when they keep going over theres rules. Watched a few rugby games and am still completely clueless. I just know I’d get killed in first minute.

  6. I’m Irish so I was obviously disappointed when Japan beat Ireland but man did they deserve it, about time a team showed up to a game like they really wanted it. Best of luck to Japan in the rest of their games, with heart like that they deserve to go the distance.

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