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  1. > Police had initially said that two other people drove themselves to Parkland with gunshot wounds not thought to be life-threatening, but have determined the shootings were not related.

    At this point can anyone believe a fucking word the police there say?

  2. This is such a high profile case and she got such a minimal sentence (considering) that I wouldn’t think this was some big conspiracy. Rather perhaps a police sympathizer or rogue player here. Regardless what an absolute fucking tragedy. I hope they find this lunatic.

  3. Brown was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he died. He did not have any ID cards with him and his identity has not been released by police.”


  4. Can’t wait for all the idiots and cop sympathisers to jump in here screaming that it’s a coincidence or he caused himself because he was up to no good in his own life. There is no way this guy gets randomly killed right after a high profile case.

  5. Ah shit. Suppose this was obvious… cops can’t abide one of their own having to pay for their crimes.

    This might actually get uglier.

    But please please *please* do not let this get framed into some kind of racial thing. It is not about race.

    It is about authority. That is the problem, that is the battle. And these people stood up to authority. For that they will be punished.

    And we need to recognize this, and rise to the challenge. This is not black against white… this is those who would be free and those who would enslave us.

  6. It was a cop

    Case needs to be handed over to federal authorities as the local precinct is compromised. They need to make a record of what every cop and detective was doing that night


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