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  1. Their disinformation campaign would not be nearly as effective if their market, the American public, wasn’t made so susceptible to being easily influnced and manipulated by their gullibility and/or confirmation biases.

  2. Yet Republicans in the Senate will not act now to strengthen the security of our election process. Even worse is a number of Republicans in the Senate have downplayed Russias efforts to help Trump. It took them 3 years to publicly acknowledge what everyone else has known. Still, they pushed judicial picks and bills knowing they could.

    This leads me to my main point. Republicans knew of this long before the American public. Yesterday’s report is cover for them the future. These Senators were privy to confidential information that a foreign government assisted Trump since 2016. Some may know even more. They played dumb. They covered for Trump. They ignored the truth. Now they want to treat you like fools again in 2020. The question who is willing to sell their soul and support them?


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