I frequently make a simple penne pasta with red sauce–it's good, but wondering how I can make it better. Currently I sautee garlic and onion in olive oil, then pour a little red wine on that, cook it down. Then blend up a can of Hunt's whole tomatoes, add it to the pan, and then blend it all smooth. Then put back in the pan, add basil, mozzarella, and halved cherry tomatoes. Then put penne in. Any suggestions to make it better?

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  1. Only one, it works for me and it may give you that little bit of “extra” you’re looking for. Season your tomatoes before adding them to the mix, use red cayenne pepper powder or chili to give them some tang and ofc salt and pepper are the classics. It should give them that extra bit of taste.

    Edit: I was talking about cherry tomatoes

  2. Use fresh tomato’s it’s no harder then canned, also a little sugar. And make sure to season with salt as you cook not all at once at the end. I use shaved carrots as well but some people will call that “non-traditional” I call it I’m not Italian


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