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  2. I don’t think people who signed up to work for ICE give a shit about immigrant’s, basic human rights, asylum, etc.. if they did they wouldn’t have applied there in the first place. Why would they now need an exit? If they truly think what they do is okay then it’s not a problem…if they did see it as a problem they wouldn’t be there.

    It’s the same as starting a ‘You don’t have to be pro pedophile’ resource for Catholic priests…they knew what bullshit the organization does when signing up for the job those that care didn’t apply.

  3. Most of them are Hispanic/Latino Americans. You got guaranteed jobs lined up for them that pay just as well with benefits so they can continue to provide for their families? I think they are doing a good job and should stay if they wish.

  4. Please note that ICE is a lot more than immigration. ICE has two components, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

    HSI handles counter-proliferation and exploit violations/war crimes, human trafficking, human smuggling, art theft, drug smuggling / trafficking, arms trafficking, document and benefit fraud, the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit immigration and identity documents, transnational gangs, financial crimes including money laundering, bulk cash smuggling, trade based money laundering, computer crime including child exploitation, intellectual property rights and trade fraud, and a lot more.

    ERO are the dipshit thugs arresting innocent law abiding people and locking them up in Trump’s concentration camps.

  5. So basically, those who have a conscious and are unhappy with the bad things ICE has been doing will leave, leaving behind just those who delight in the bad things ICE does.

  6. *”Why should I quit? I get to reign terror over brown people all day long. I get to grab brown women by the pussy. I get to look into these brown children’s eyes every day and see, deep down inside, they know I did this to them. I get to go home at night knowing that I made life just a little more miserable for the brown people. I get to MAGA. All of this and more — and they pay me for it!”*

    I would be very surprised if you can find anyone working for ICE that hasn’t already drank the kool-aid. These job “perks” are what the red-hats look for in an employer.

  7. Most of these agents likely signed up because they want to wield power over the powerless. They’re like mall cops with guns and zero accountability. So like actual cops.

    I doubt many would leave the good life of shitting on minorities because they suddenly grow a conscience.

  8. I’m sorry but this seems so naive. Good for them for trying but…being an ICE agent (like so many other “professions” that place under-qualified individuals in positions of authority) tends to attract the worst kind of people (i.e. the kind who see nothing at all wrong with what ICE is doing).

  9. I think I’d rather see a well-funded effort to identify them, and document the most recent date of employment. Then when the time comes that this fascist uprising has been crushed, there can be a lovely database to tell us who helped it along and how long they hung in there.

    Not only would I not help an ICE agent find work, *I’d never employ one, ever*. People willing to work for an organization that’s doing what ICE is doing are not people I would be comfortable being around.

  10. “Historians have a word for Germans who joined the Nazi party, not because they hated Jews, but out of a hope for restored patriotism, or a sense of economic anxiety, or a hope to preserve their religious values, or dislike of their opponents, or raw political opportunism, or convenience, or ignorance, or greed.

    That word is “Nazi.” Nobody cares about their motives anymore.

    They joined what they joined. They lent their support and their moral approval. And, in so doing, they bound themselves to everything that came after. Who cares any more what particular knot they used in the binding?”

    – Julius Goat

  11. NO! If there are any people left with a heart they can do more good staying at ICE for now then they could on the outside. Imagine the sick fucker that will replace them.

  12. For the love of god NO!! Part of the Trump strategy has been pushing out people with integrity and morals, by pushing policies to the point that they resign, leaving only the most corrupt and evil left to administer.

    Don’t quit ICE! We *NEED* people with integrity to stay in and do everything they can to fight the corruption in their ranks.

  13. How would helping agents find new jobs in any way change the underlying policies, laws or existence of the group charged with enforcing and acting upon those policies?

    Seems to me demonizing the people charged with enforcement of law and current policy is a useless way to enact change. You’ll be left with exactly the “wrong” type working for ICE, no change in policy, and even more poorly staffed conditions to complain about.

    The answer is MORE resources and support to the border, not less. The answer isnt lawlessness, its streamlining the lawful immigration process and more efficient enforcement.

    Which is it? Do you guys want unfettered border immigration or a proportional staffing/funding of services to enforce law? The people complaining about conditions dont seem to support pouring more resources into border control and management of the people flowing across it. They seem instead to just use those conditions as an odd argument for doing away with laws and policies, vs funding them or changing those laws/policies using the proper channels.


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