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  1. > Fleury is accused of creating an Instagram username called “nikolas.killed.your.sister.”

    > The vile messages he’s accused of sending included such comments as:

    > “I killed your loved ones hahaha.”

    > “Cry for me.”

    > “Your grief is my joy.”

    > “With the power of my AR-15, I erased their existence.” The message was filed by smiling, applause and handgun emojis.

    > “I gave them no mercy.”

    > “I took Jaime away from you. You’ll never see her again hahaha.”

    > “I took a sh-t on your sister’s grave.”

    > Another comment allegedly said horrific things like: “You’ll never see Jaime again, little orphan. Nikolas took her from you.” There are many similar comments outlined in the criminal complaint.


    Imagine having your child shot to death then having to read this shit.


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