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  1. Yeaaaaa, was it the fact that she was black or homeless that led you to profile her like that…..? There’s plenty of black people and homeless people who aren’t stabbing A holes.

  2. She had already plead guilty to another assault and was just pending her sentencing for it and now this? She clearly has issues (be them drugs, anger, or whatnot) but I feel bad for her. She’s going to be in prison for a long time now…

  3. This is sad. This is why I hate mental health treatment in America.

    There is no way out. Its full of guilt and conceit.

    I have an employee that used meth and pcp for years. Shes got a great attitude. But, she carries this guilt with her every day that shes going to get in trouble for anything. I really try to help her drop it and take control.

  4. gutter trash homeless people like this who want nothing more than to continue wasting oxygen and shitting on the sidewalk are happy at the idea of going to prison. theres heat, food, and drugs in prison and its all paid for by people who didnt give up on life to live under a bridge


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