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  2. How many of Trump’s former employees have called him an idiot or worse? I can think of Priebus, Mattis, Cohen, Omarossa and the Mooch.

    I know there are others, just can’t think of all of them…

  3. And none of this matters because he literally restated the broad strokes of the whistleblower report live on TV. (I.e. secondary and tertiary sources now serve solely as secondary reinforcement of what the primary source (Trump) has said.))

  4. So release the true transcript, and settle the issue, you gasbag blowhards.

    Either it was a false alarm, or it wasn’t. By not releasing it, you prove the WB report *was* warranted.

    Or we can keep arguing about the *impropriety* for another 3 weeks while Erdogan demolishes the Kurds.


  5. The only source of joy that I can reliably indulge in these days is the knowledge that Fat Donnie is never truly happy. He’s a miserable piece of shit, and his misery brings me happiness.

  6. He keeps saying its a scam because of party lines. The reason the ICIG is saying its not a scam, Republicans, is because its not. You saw the memo (not the full transcript), you saw the text messages, you heard him dot he same thing with China on TV. He did this to himself. Its not a scam because its evident by way of what he released himself.

  7. – This is a hoax
    – The Whistleblower is a liar despite my ~~transcript~~ **memo** and public comments confirming precisely what the white blower said
    – I’m the most transparent president ever despite my refusal to cooperate in any way
    – We should really investigate the Biden’s because Hunter was making a lot of money working in the private sector while Joe was VP, but my kids (who work in real estate and fashion) are being handed jobs in the White House as foreign policy advisors and that’s very legal and very cool
    – Fuck it, investigate Warren too!
    – Also the guy I appointed is wrong and the whistleblowers complaint, although accurate, isn’t credible
    – Also Nixon got a raw deal and you can’t Nixon me. That’s right, my defense is Nixon was treated poorly!
    – Btw Rudy was in talks with Paul Manafort (the guy who was so poorly treated for defrauding the government of 40 million dollars and conspiring against the US) before he touched base with the Ukrainians and that’s totally fine
    – Rudy creating documents on White House letter head and sending them to the state department is also totally fine
    – But remember the dossier was illegal because you can’t have private citizens like Hillary Clinton abusing their lack of authority to investigate their opponents, it’s only cool when a president withholds foreign aid to force a foreign country to perform a sham investigation

    This fucking guy!

    Edit: *TrAnsCripT


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