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I'm having a halloween party and am looking for some festive savory recipes and/or presentation ideas. I see lots of them that are for sweets or that are more childish ideas. I'm down with some cute ghosts and things like that but am not into the make everything look bloody thing. For context, it's a movie party that is a smaller size and decor has a more retro feel to it, people attending will be mid 20s – early 30s.

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  1. Sounds amazing I want to go! I guess depends how much effort you are going to put into the cooking like mini savoury pumpkin tarts are lovely, use a muffin tin to blind bake some short crust pastry and roast some pumpkin/squash/sweet potato with garlic and thyme and onions if you like then mash it all up or blend if you want and mix in grated cheddar and an egg or two depending on how much you make and spoon into the pastry cases. I’m sure you could decorate them if you wanted to too. I always like the idea of eating those sausage mummies, again I know what you mean about the childish thing and tbf I have only ever seen them in supermarket magazines and they say they are great for kids (you probs seen them) but you cut thin strips of puff pastry then wrap them around a sausage but leaving. A bit of a gap and they look like mummies – if you can’t picture it I can send you a link haha. Hmmm you got me thinking now of what else!


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