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  2. Headline is pretty misleading but this is for sure a 3 horse race at this point.

    >Support for presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) climbed to a record high in the latest Hill-HarrisX poll.

    >The survey, released Monday, found 15 percent support Warren among Democratic and Democratic-leaning independents, up from the previous peak of 14 percent in September.

    >However, Warren still trails former Vice President Joe Biden, at 31 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who garnered 17 percent support in the poll.

    One big take from this is that 12% still polled as unsure.

  3. > However, Warren still trails former Vice President Joe Biden, at 31 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who garnered 17 percent support in the poll.

    This one is winning the prize for the most disingenuous headline of the day.

  4. I really hope that the lesser candidates start dropping out of the race soon. Because then contenders beyond Biden (who I don’t want for president) could pick up more support potentially. The longer we have this large pool of candidates the more likely Biden is going to win the nomination. I think it’s clear at this point there won’t be any surprise leaps of support and certainly none that will be maintained. Harris enjoyed that for a short time and then began a downward spiral.

    Just because Biden is better than Trump doesn’t mean we should settle for Biden, this is our chance now to put someone who will push for actual changes.

  5. HarrisX is one of the less reliable polls. Despite their frequency as a tracking poll, they seem to have a major house effect in favor of Biden, both among registered and likely voters, which should make everyone skeptical when other weekly and monthly polls show him neck-and-neck with Warren (and Bernie, albeit to a lesser extent). I would not trust their data, no matter how good it looks for Warren or for anyone else.

  6. I just feel like she’s going to have a hard time versus Trump. And before somebody bothers to show the polls showing her beating Trump, I know, I’ve seen them. Hillary polled ahead of Trump too.

  7. Strange that I haven’t talked to a single person who wants to vote for Biden, but this poll says he has twice the support as Warren. Is this one of those land line polls? A poll of nursing home residents, maybe?

    So basically, twice as many people want a white male corporate establishment Democrat with no policies other than time traveling back to 2015. Biden supports the ACA, which costs twice as much as universal health care would, has no interest in eliminating college debt or providing free college aside from community college, thinks re-joining the Paris climate agreement is adequate progress, thinks decriminalization of cannabis is good enough instead of just legalizing it, wants to boost the defense budget (wait, wut?); wants to keep corporate tax rates lower than before 2017, voted in 1981 for a bill that would have allowed states to overturn Roe v. Wade, has 7 women who have come forward to address what they describe as inappropriate touching, is showing clear signs of onset dementia and apparently is heavily challenged by completing sentences, can’t stop saying ‘fact of the matter is’…

    Maybe that appeals to people. I think I prefer Warren. She would be the ideal first woman president and has far more progressive ideas than ‘time travel back to 2015’ and wanting to ‘just get things back to normal’. YMMV.

  8. Honestly, national polls are almost useless right now. The polls that really matter are Iowa and NH right now… Iowa generally has Warren ahead, as does NH. These wins would give Warren momentum into the following primaries, especially Super Tuesday, which consists of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia primaries; American Samoa caucuses; and the Democrats Abroad party-run primary for expatriates, which features a March 3–10 voting period. These are the important ones to watch. Just taking the national polling as fact for what will happen in each state isn’t exactly best practice.


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