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  1. So many countries countries in the world scoured their lands for the biggest sociopath assholes and made them leader. US, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, China, India, Saudi Arabia, UK

    I guess the US has the distinction of having the dumbest one that’s owned by Putin and really any dictator that compliments him.

  2. This is why constitutional republics with separations of power and an independent judiciary who enforces absolute negative rights against government encroachment is the best form of government. None of the shit that China currently does would fly

  3. Are there any ideal, realistic short-term solutions to the Hong Kong situation? I imagine that China will lose a good bit of its leverage over the next decade or two as it becomes more viable for companies to transition their manufacturing to other currently developing nations, but in the meantime, I feel like there’s no way this situation could possibly end well.


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