My FIL's neighbor occasionally goes out duck hunting and recently gave me 8 or so wild duck breasts but with the skin removed (no clue why the best part was removed) and I'm looking for some new recipe ideas. I've done the pan seared thing (better with the skin) and I've made a duck ragu over polenta that was really good (that recipe here for any that might be interested), but I want to try something new.

I was looking at a few gumbo recipes, but they pretty much all call for duck leg or a whole duck with the skin on. I'm sure I can pull it off with the breast, just not sure how to modify the recipe without trashing otherwise awesome duck. Of course the other thing that's constantly coming up in a search is things like "Chinese 5 spice duck", "peaking duck" and "duck l'orange" or other things with a whole duck, which I don't have.

What are your favorite recipes?

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