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  1. He resigned – so now he can keep his pension (*^(but apparently he was not on the force long enough to get a pension)*).

    I expect a slap on the wrist after a sham trial, then the killer cop being able to move on with his life (maybe join another police force) – a murderer free on the street and a young child who had to watch his mother killed by this pig.

    I guess the bootlickers and propaganda arm of the police union will be out to remind us why we should love cops….

  2. There was practically no time from when the officer saw the person through the window, and when he shot. He didn’t identify himself as police, and the resident had no time to react to his commands prior to being shot in her own home.


    This goes beyond the officer’s own lack of training. This goes to the training itself, and the responsibility of the local PD placing untrained officers in situations like this. The officer had a preconceived notion based on a phone call about suspicious activity, and the kitchen looked kind of ransacked in the bodycam footage. I can get why he was suspicious and jumpy. This is where his lack of training led to this poor resident getting killed in her own home.


    he should face murder charges, and whoever signed off on his training should be charged as well.

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