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  2. > In other words, once it became clear in 2018 that Trump was hostile to the open-ended U.S. presence in Syria he inherited, the Kurds had options to help ease the end of their relationship with the Americans. But Trump’s State Department and Pentagon, unwilling to face up to a final withdrawal—and the unequivocal loss of U.S. influence in a part of the Middle East where it is increasingly impotent, if not irrelevant—convinced the Kurds not to plan for an American departure. Had the Kurds done so, their new Russian and Syrian partners might have been able to spare them the devastation that Turkey is now wreaking as the U.S. pulls back and stands by.

    Talk about back stabbing and lying to a faithful ally that puts them in this position is outrageous and immoral.

  3. The Kurds still have our financial and weaponry backing. 47 troops have left. We have been over there for over a decade. Their war is never going to end. How many more of my brothers & sisters have to die for a war that was never ours to make you all happy? If you want to support them, you are free to go fight with them even as a civilian. I have a retired friend who has chosen to do just that. If you care that much, step up. I made it out of the military alive and I’d like my husband to do the same. Enough is enough. There will never be peace in the middle east. This is not our fight.

  4. If Clinton had to testify for 11 hours over Benghazi, Trump should be forced to perjure himself for 3 weeks without a Big Mac or diarrhea break. When the *fuck* will this asshole ever be held accountable for anything in his entire adult life? Enough.

  5. Oh really? Because Obama was in office for 8 years and he didn’t save the Kurds, and Bush was in office for 8 years and he didn’t save the Kurds, and Clinton was in office for 8 years and he didn’t save the Kurds, etc.

    Maybe Congress should get off their asses (if they want to) and submit a formal Declaration of War against Turkey and Syria so that we can finally fight so that the Kurds have a country of their own. Because otherwise it’s an unjust war and the US shouldn’t have been involved at all to begin with.


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