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  2. This is what he does all day. Beneath all of the objectively vile policies and rampant bigotry is still a lazy piece of shit WHO DOESN’T EVEN READ SECURITY BRIEFINGS. Like, that’s something we just all collectively skimmed over. That should be mentioned in every single report about Trump. It should be as required as any other journalistic disclosure.

    How to report on the worst president in the history of this country:

    > The President of the United States does not like to read security briefings. Today, Turkey invaded…

  3. Checking in for validation is all he has. Every Trump supporter I know sees him as this supercool genius playing the Dems like puppets. They band words like “whiny little snowflake” around at Dems etc but when I ask them what it means they describe Trump perfectly. But they will never see it. Every one of them will idolise him to the end.

  4. >He tweeted in August that the cable network “isn’t working for us anymore” and that his supporters “have to start looking for a new News Outlet.”
    >Despite that criticism, the network’s anchors are largely supportive of the president.
    >Trump regularly tweets out quotes from Fox News programming, his aides appear on the network for interviews and former White House staffers have taken jobs at the network.

    A man of empty threats

  5. I can’t believe this Lunatic is still potus….

    Imagine being a secret service member who dedicated your life to protecting the country and your job is to protect trump who is actively destroying the country..


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