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  1. I think there was a Frasier episode where they all accidentally went into Canada and Daphne was freaking out because she wasn’t supposed to leave the US and thought she would get into trouble trying to get back into the US.

  2. There is something “off” with this story. First off, who swerves to miss an animal in the road by driving down a side road. Even if you turned on the side road to miss something, you would stop and turn around or back out onto the road and continue. Also, I would question if they had their passports. Always carry your passport when in a foreign country. There is definitely some missing information.

  3. It’s absolutely heinous that they were detained instead of letting them turn around. There was no customs post or sign indicating they crossed the border. If I go México via El Paso or Columbus, I am given the opportunity to turn back via another lane. Cruelty is the point here.

  4. > In her statement, Connors said that on Oct. 3 her family was visiting Vancouver, Canada, never intending to enter the U.S. Her husband’s cousin, Michael Connors, was driving close to the border, and when an animal suddenly appeared in the lane, he turned onto an unmarked road to avoid a collision.
    > The Berks County lockup — long vilified by critics as a “baby jail” that should be closed — was designed to hold parents and their children who came into the United States without papers. Formally known as the Berks County Residential Center, the low-security facility opened in 2001, located about 75 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

    Vancouver and Philadelphia are almost 3000 miles apart. And Philadelphia is 400 miles from the nearest point in Canada. Why would they be transferred to Philadelphia? Something is missing from this story. Or whoever is running US Customs needs to be replaced.

  5. There are spots on the eastern border of Poland where you can accidentally cross into Belarus. If you do the border guards will stop you, give you a bollocking and give you a 500 PLN fine and send you on your way, what’s the point of locking them up?


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