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  1. I would just like to point out how deliberately misleading this headline is.

    First off, anyone who has worked retail/grocery can tell you how shitty hours can be for large companies. They keep your hours low so you don’t qualify for health insurance, stock benefits, overtime, etc. Tons of places do this that pay $10 an hour.

    Secondly, It also framed as because of the wage increase as if it wasn’t an executive decision to keep costs low. Most of these schedules and staffing requirements are made at the corporate level, not at the store. So someone in an office hundreds of miles away is telling you how many employees you can have and the hours they each receive.

    This is why unions are so important. This isn’t just about how many hours to around, they WANT large numbers of part timers that get 0 benefits.

    TLDR: Companies like Target don’t have to cut hours when they raise wages, they do it because they prefer higher profit margins to high employee retention


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