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  2. I was excited to hear that Trump had done this. The reputation of Trump’s properties means that world leaders will get a full dose of Trump.

    Bed bugs, mediocre food, building quality, poorly treated staff… He cuts corners everywhere.

  3. Doral needs a lot of upgrades, it’s not that nice and the service there sucks. Went there for a large conference (not my choice) and sat at a large table (10 people) in the upstairs restaurant and it took an hour and a half to get the food out. When we complained. they blamed the crowd and never even apologized.

  4. I have a suspicion that he may cut corners and all that because the properties are more like money laundering schemes than they are meant to attract tourists the normal way.

    Like, why would a fakery bother with the best tasting cupcakes? They make their money through drugs what do they even care.

    Apparently the restaurants attached to the properties are really bad microwaved-food types of places as well.

  5. Emoluments clause of the constitution says this is illegal. Bedbugs make it worse. It could be in the 90’s or hit 100 degrees, and it’s hurricane season, but this is the best place for some reason?

  6. I’m shocked that 6 of the G7 countries didnt cancel the event seconds after it was announced.

    Giving legitimacy to the US government is a mistake for any country that supports free and fair elections, and human rights as a whole.

  7. In 50 years I imagine my grandchildren will wonder where I was, and what it was like when the Gaslight-Obstruct-Party-Over-Country sold out democracy. “Zorc, my little grandchild”, after a puff on a laser pipe – “It was cooked as fuck.”


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