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  1. All this while Jeff fucking Bozos goes to bed at night tucked into 110.9 billion USD.

    Which is almost as much as the ENTIRE GDP of Kentucky! And is more than ANY one man should EVER HAVE. Look at all he has and look at the deaths/suffering of those that work day in and day out to make him richer! This is why we should EAT THE RICH! Enough of those money hoarding monsters.

  2. “According to his brother, an Amazon human resources representative informed him at the hospital that Billy had lain on the floor for 20 minutes before receiving treatment from Amazon’s internal safety responders.“

    I assume the company was busy posting the new job opening online.

  3. Ahh I’m glad to work in the warehouse back in the days before rates was a thing. Still got the job done as efficiently and humanly possible but no nagging of why I didn’t hit rate. No issue about why I went to the bathroom. etc. We’re slowly becoming a 2nd China in terms of workforce treatment. Sounds like Amazon will have to get unionized.


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