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  1. >“She essentially told me to suck it up or go home,” Spencer told NBC 26. “To which I said, ‘OK, I will leave.’”

    >That night, Spencer took to Facebook to share what happened, stating that she was sent home for refusing to serve the customers. The following day, she was alerted by the restaurant’s management that she’d been fired from her waitressing position.

    Yeah, all is as it should be. That’s the way life works. She quit her job and blasted her employer online.

  2. What i don’t understand is why management did what they did.

    Especially since the comments were directed at another customer (which the manager should have been concerned about), and on top of that the customers were bringing in the waitress in a conversation that had nothing to do with her job nor was a conversation she wanted to be a part of!

    The waitress actually did the appropriate thing be removing herself from a very uncomfortable situation.

    The manager should have jumped in, taken over her table, and if asked about the other trans customer simply replied “it’s not my place, nor company policy to comment on or mock another customer. In fact, I would ask you to keep your comments to yourself and if you can’t I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

  3. I was a manager for a franchise owner of McDonald’s. One day the owner is recounting to me a story from the day before at one of the other locations. Apparently the manager on shift was a gay, black man and a customer called him a “n~~~~~r f~~~~t.” I realized about halfway through the story that the owner was telling me the story from a place of frustration that his manager had the audacity to tell the customer to leave or he would call the police. Some people are really out here prioritizing their money over their fellow humans’ dignity, and it’s a damn shame.

  4. How is this even a story, this is things working like they should. She’s free to refuse service and leave, and the company is free to fire her if they’re not happy with her service. I’ve dealt with customers who say assholish things before, my job isn’t to judge people though. Just do your job or politely tell them they’re being rude and inappropriate.

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